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JIREH Christmas Lighting

Complementary Gutter Cleaning while we hang lights around your home
Jireh Asphalt & Concrete

is bringing you commercial grade lighting this holiday season. We have been doing all types of landscaping lighting and this year we want to help bring holiday cheers to as many members of our community as possible. We are offering custom holiday Led lights, with your imagination and our crews we can bring your vision of holiday lights to a new level!

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we sell and lease lights we can decorate anything!

 Roof, Windows, pathways, Driveways all home trim, garage trim. Trees, etc.

 A trained technician will custom cut all outdoor Christmas lights to fit your roof and gutter line perfectly.

 Each installation includes a timer that powers your lights off automatically during the day and turns them on in the evening.


  • Classic White warm white LED lights
  • Candy Cane red and warm white LED lights.
  • Multi color with color light bulbs
  • New!! RGB C-9 Bulbs with remote up to 100 LF per strand

We will return to your home after the holidays and remove the lights.

Storage is available if you buy them and decide for us to store them.

Fun Facts

LED Christmas Lights vs Incandescent Christmas Lights

For years the standard for Christmas lighting has been an incandescent C7 or C9 bulb. This is the traditional candle shaped glass bulb that you still may see lining houses across the country every winter. These styles of bulbs have a distinct twinkle and color and make many people feel nostalgic. As technology advanced, many people realized that replacing their incandescent Christmas lights with LED Christmas lights saves energy while providing the same (or more) amount of light as traditional incandescent Christmas lights. Also, many users prefer the hard plastic bulbs of LED Christmas lights as opposed to the glass bulbs of incandescent. We use Opti-core bulbs that are proven to be the most durable..

Shapes, Styles, and Sizes of Christmas Lights

Mini String Lights

Mini string lights’ versatility make them the most popular style of Christmas lights because of their versatility. Available in either incandescent or LED technologies and in a wide range of color options, these Christmas lights are the perfect addition to almost any Christmas lighting design. All our mini string lights are reliable and stay lit if a single bulb fails. Our incandescent mini string lights come with replacement lamps.

C7s and C9s

Outdoor Christmas lights are most often C7 or C9 lights. Either size is an excellent choice for those that want a more classic feel for their Christmas lighting. The difference between these types of outdoor Christmas light is primarily the size of the bulb. The number after the "C" represents the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch; for example, a C7 bulb is 7/8" or .875" in diameter. The larger the number, the bigger the bulb. These string lights are available in several colors and in either LED or incandescent options.

Net Lights

You can't go wrong with net lights or tree wrap lights for trees, columns, and bushes. Net lights are lights organized in a “net”, designed to be laid over bushes or shrubs to add a touch of flair to your landscaping during the holiday season.

Tree Wrap Lights

Easily and effectively wrap tree trunks with Christmas lights to create some holiday spirit in your yard. Tree wrap lights are shaped similarly to net lights but are designed to hug or wrap a cylindrical object like a tree truck, post, or pole.

How Much Christmas Lighting Do You Need?


Unfortunately, there’s no easy answer. There are many factors to consider, such as how much house are you trying to light? Are there dormers that need to be lit? Are all sides of the house going to be lit? If you’re wanting to get the most accurate estimate of how many stringers you’ll need, you need to measure your roof line.


Average size bushes or hedges should be fine with one 2’ x 4’ net light, but you can add more for bigger bushes or get different sized net lights.


You have a couple options here. First, you could go with a tree wrap lighting setup. Similar to net lights, tree wrap lights are a net shaped lighting kit designed to wrap around tree trunks easily.

If tree wrap lights aren’t something you’re interested in, mini lights are a great alternative that allow you to customize the actual wrapping itself. You can make tighter wraps for a “fuller” look, or you can do a loose wrap for larger trunks.


For average single-width windows, one 14’ - 18’ mini light stringer should work fine. For larger windows you’ll need longer stringers or maybe even multiple stringers.


For average width and height doors, one 16’ mini light stringer will work. But since doors come in many sizes, you should measure and find a stringer to fit more accurately.


The most common type of lighting for railings is mini lights. However, if you want bigger bulbs, you can also use C7 or C9 stringers. For metal railings, you can use magnetic clips for easy installation.


For pillars, you have the same options as trees since the application is so similar. Tree wrap lights will make for easy installation; otherwise mini lights wrapped around the pillar will work just fine.

What Color Christmas Lights Should I Get?

The color you choose for your Christmas lights is completely subjective to user preference. From solid traditional warm white to multi-color, there’s a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose when decorating your home with Christmas lights.

Once we determine the length of stringers you need, you can truly customize your Christmas lighting display by carefully picking the color, or colors, of bulbs to add to the stringers. Some homeowners opt for solid colors, while others create complex patterns between the house, to the trees, and even down to the pathway lights. You can truly customize your Christmas lighting setup however you’d like. Just keep in mind prices vary.

Christmas Lights FAQs

1. If a bulb on a string of LED Christmas lights goes out, will I have to replace the whole string?

No. If a regular LED C7 or C9 goes out, the rest of the string will be fine and you’ll just need to replace the bad bulb.

2. How many bulbs can I have in one run?

To be safe, you need to ensure you don’t overload your system by plugging in too many lights to one run. A standard 15 amp breaker can handle 1800 watts (assuming there is nothing else on the breaker) so you can typically run:

  • Incandescent C7 - 360 bulbs
  • Incandescent C9 - 250 bulbs
  • LED C7 or C9 - 3600 bulbs
3. Do LED Christmas lights get hot?

No, LED Christmas lights do not get hot. LED technology, by design, runs cooler than its predecessors. High output commercial LEDs can put out more heat due to the larger energy demand, but LED Christmas lights do not put out enough light to warrant hot running temperatures.